FASHION MODEL STUDIO realises three levels of interest-related education programme:

3rd level - “FASHION MODEL”


FASHION MODELING is an extremely creative and crucial process as it involves the best creative endeavour of the greatest range of talent - professionals in fashion design, wardrobe creators, inventors of fabrics and fittings, craftsmen tailors, top shoemakers, hatters, make-up artists, hairdressers, stage managers, wizards of sound and light, stage designers, choreography gods, camera people and many more of those professionally striving for beauty.

In our shows, we create a glimmer of our collective future, and fashion model in this process personifies that future. The future shaped today…

G. Bude


Fashion designer Gints Bude was the first one to open a fashion house in Latvia after recovery of sovereignty of Latvia. He established his FASHION HOUSE November 2, 1990 and was the first in Latvia to start training professional models at his fashion model studio.

Gints Bude is to this day the only fashion designer in the Baltics who more than twenty-five years, has been consequently discovering and preparing highly esteemed models for the world’s most acclaimed catwalks, earning international careers in the best of modeling agencies – IMG, NEXT, WOMEN etc.

Today, Gints Bude’s trainees sign working contracts with world’s top fashion designers and highest ranking fashion houses, are shining on catwalks in Riga, Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo fashion events, become the faces of international advertising campaigns for DIOR, PRADA, MIU MIU, KALISTE, ERMANO SCEVRINO, NARA CAMICIE and others, model for the style pages of the glitziest magazines - VOGUE, L’OFFICIEL, ELLE, MARIE CLAIRE, NUMERO, W, VANITY FAIR, BIBA, D MAGAZINE, ALLURE, NEW YORK TIMES, JALOUSE etc., demonstrating fashion and jewellery of the best part of the internationally resonant brand names.

Gints Bude’s fashion collections have been presented to the fashion audiences on international forums, Messes, fashion weeks since 1994, featuring, among others, in Europe’s largest menswear fashion fair HERREN – MODE – WŌCHE – KŌLN etc. In 2005, Gints Bude was amongst Latvia’s fashion designers to represent national fashion industry within the framework of Latvia-France megaproject The SURPRISING LATVIA.

Gints Bude has earned a masters degree in style and apparel design at the LATVIAN CHAMBER OF CRAFTS. As a lecturer and expert, he has participated in the continuing education and development courses for teachers, organized by the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE.

Gints Bude is a style consultant of fashion magazines, an expert of dress, style and etiquette for the magazines, lectures on the social significance of visual image, the dress-code and fashion novelties.

Gints Bude has been long term fashion designer and consultant-choreographer for MISS LATVIA and MR. LATVIA beauty contests.


We operate in consulting partnership with The State Inspectorate for Protection of children’s Rights.


We are FASHION HOUSE – the place where fashion, style and fascination are born.


We select promising girls aged 10 to 15 who are seriously motivated for personal growth and development to acquire profession in FASHION MODEL STUDIO.


Our experience of many years testifies - quite similar to training in art, music or sports, better results are attained exposing the girls to specialized education at earlier age of 10 to 13.


We offer a unique, rare possibility to master fashion modeling skills, which are exceptionally helpful not only in the limelight, but in many walks of life.


Our students are trained to carry off elegantly the most complex of the outfits, including eveningwear, wedding dresses and other models.

The disciplines are taught by Gints Bude - a designer unique for the Baltic states in his experience in teaching fashion models, which today encompasses more than twenty-five years and many professional and highly employed models to attest the excellence of his teaching and advising methods on local and international catwalks.


The head of the Studio Gints Bude has designed and established a Studio uniform – body and shirts, which individualize this particular fashion model studio.


The classes are held in, presently, the most developed demonstration room in Riga complete with stage, mirror, professional lights and technical equipment for the use of audio, video, TV and DVD support in the training process.


Studies in FASHION MODEL STUDIO ensure the best possible introduction to complex etiquette and culture of dress and wardrobe.


Studies in FASHION MODEL STUDIO develop blameless posture and mode of self-presentation.


FASHION MODEL STUDIO is the school of your gait and movement.


Studies in FASHION MODEL STUDIO will refine coordination and sense of the rhythm.


Studies in FASHION MODEL STUDIO equal marked improvement in expertise of colour, fabrics and dress-sense.


FASHION MODEL STUDIO is a school of fashion demonstration theory and practice.


Students of FASHION MODEL STUDIO engage with the theory and practice of photo-motion.


FASHION MODEL STUDIO features disciplines like stage movement and the basics of drama.


Studies in FASHION MODEL STUDIO provide introduction to women’s images and the history of dress and costume, stage movement and acting in world film classics and nowadays.


The Students of FASHION MODEL STUDIO are encouraged to maintain balanced lifestyle and to develop healthy eating habits. DIETS aimed at the reduction of body weight are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!


Studies in FASHION MODEL STUDIO are perfectly compatible with development of other interests - musical, artistic, physically dynamic, stage-related etc.


FASHION MODEL STUDIO classes take place on afternoons and evenings 2 times a week. There is an option to take classes exclusively on Saturdays.


The Studio signs a contract with one parent of each student for entire period of the course, as provisioned by Latvia legislation.

Please, REMEMBER - Contract in place equals obligations, equals responsibility!


The length of the interest-related education programme “POSTURE AND GAIT, FASHION MODELING BASICS” (1st level) is 10 months.

The price of full study programme is EUR 450 (VAT 21% = EUR 94,50 included) with the possibility of dividing the payment into several installments.


The preliminary of joining the course is a selection is personal appearance of the girl with her parents or legal custodian for interview, which is pre-arranged by contacting the studio Administration.

The most excellent of students are offered to develop professional modeling career by GINTS BUDE MODEL MANAGEMENT.


this holder of FASHION MODEL STUDIO diploma for year 2004 is one of very few Latvian girls represented by the world’s modeling agency Nr1 IMG (Paris, London, New York). Her name holds its own aside such supermodel names as Naomi Campbell, Mila Yovovich, Liv Tyler, Gemma Varda, Giselle Bundchen, Leticia Casta, Maria Sharapova and others. She is the face of the Spring 2008 summer make-up for the world famous Christian Dior, her image was selected to represent Italian fashion designer ERMANNO SCEVRINO, LACOSTE, FERREGAMO EYEWEAR, FORNARINA, NARA CAMICIE, PULL AND BEAR, GREEN COAST, CARAMELLO JEANS, ORY world brand promotion campaigns as well as to symbolize the Spain’s largest retailer chain EL CORTES INGLES. A model for the style pages of world’s foremost style and fashion magazines VOGUE, L’OFFICIEL, ELLE, W, MARIE CLAIRE, NUMERO, VANITY FAIR, TEN, JALOUSE demonstrating the fashion and jewellery of nearly all most acclaimed brand names on the planet. Madara is the image of the retailers DROGAS and GALERIJA CENTRS in Latvia. Most successfully worked with the stylist Zhanna Dubska, photographer Valts Kleins for LILIT and SANTA magazines, posed for style pages in PASTAIGA, JOY. She received the BALTIC FASHION FEDERATION-established Latvia Style and Fashion Award for two consecutive years as Latvia’s Top Model of the Year.

Madara’s work is represented on


FASHION MODEL STUDIO graduate in 2006, for several years now, Beate works in Paris, Milan for Dolce&Gabbana, GIANFRANCO FERRE, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, ALEXANDER McQUEEN, LA PERLA etc. Demonstrated collections of GIORGIO ARMANI, GEORGES CHAKRA, LORENZO RIVA, VALERIA MARINI, ROBERTA SCARPA, LOU, CHRISTOPHE JOSSE, EYMERIC FRANCOIS, DOMINIQUE SIROP, LEFRANT FERRANT, RICK OWENS, VALENTIN YUDASKIN et alias to audiences of Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. Posed for L’OFFICIEL, COSMOPOLITAN, PASTAIGA, M FASHION. The model most sought by designers to demonstrate RIGA FASHION WEEK Spring/Summer 2008 collections. A Nokia Best Model Award winner.


FASHION MODEL STUDIO graduate in 2007, on Paris Fashion Week, Yelena has worked for DIOR, JOHN GALLIANO etc. She has been selected for their brands’ world advertising campaigns by KALLISTE, NARA CAMICIE, L`OREAL. Paris and London Fashion Week public has seen her demonstrate COMME DES GARCONS, KOOKAI, DEVANLAY, DIDIER PARAKIAN, LACOSTE MASTERMIND JAPAN among collections of other designers. Posed for VOGUE, MARIE CLAIRE, VOGUE SPOZA ITALY, FHM GREECE, GLAMUR, LILIT, PASTAIGA etc. Yelena was the model most sought by the designers to present the RIGA FASHION WEEK Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Received the KENZO AMOR prize as Best Model.

Yelena’s work is represented on




MARA BALTMANE-RIMICANE - make-up artist and ‘look’ editor of magazine PASTAIGA

ATIS ARTEMJEVS - fashion designer

ANASTASIJA GOLUBEVA – fashion designer




IGORS DMITRIJEVS - fashion journalist and producer

INA MAGONE - the 1st Miss Latvia `89

LINDA REINE - Vice Miss Latvia `91

UNA KARKLINA - Vice Miss Latvia `92, the name in Latvian modeling most known in the world

JANA ROZENBERGA - Miss Baltic States `93

EVIJA RUCEVSKA - Miss Riga `97, Miss Latvia `98

LETICIJA PONE - Vice Misis Latvia `97

DINA KALANDAROVA - Miss Latvia `99

REINIS RUBENIS - Mister Latvia `95

INGUS JOSTINS - Mister Photo Latvia `96

JANIS EIHMANIS - Mister Riga `97